Maricopa Community Colleges


The Payroll Department supports the District's Vision, Mission and Values by providing payroll services to the 10 MCCCD Colleges, 2 Skill Centers and the District Office. Our Staff displays innovation, professionalism and the skills to provide outstanding service to all our customers.


Regular Hours: Mon-Fri 8am-5pm
Summer Hours: Mon-Thurs 7am-6pm


District Support Services Center
2411 W 14th Street
Tempe, AZ 85281
2nd Floor
Fax: 480-731-8405



480.731.8457 email


Payroll Specialists
Sandy Badilla 480-731-8430 CGC, EMC, SWSC, PVC
Debbie Craft 480-731-8433 GCC, SMC
Teresa Rodriguez 480-731-8431 SCC, PC, DO
Kelly Granado 480-731-8425 RIO, GWC, MSC
Julie Bath 480-731-8419 MCC
Payroll Technicians (Absence, Tax Shelter Annuities)
Merle Ryan 480-731-8423 GCC, PCC, SCC, PVC
Christine Honne 480-731-8347 GWC, MSC, RIO, CGC
Johnny Soria 480-731-8538 SWSC, MCC, SMC, EMC, DO, MCOR
Payroll Assistants (Address Changes, Direct Deposits, W-4 forms, A-4 forms)
Sujey Gonzalez-Cavazos 480-731-8493 PCC, SCC, RIO, EMC/SWSC, PVC, DO
Christina Honne 480-731-8347 GCC, GWC/MSC, MCC, SMC, CGC
Management & Specialists
Marquitta Graham 480-731-8579 Interim Payroll Manager
Gloria Knudsen 480-731-8428 Payroll Project Coordinator
Suzette Davis 480-731-8664 Payroll Analyst