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Spanish Medical Interpreter

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The Spanish Medical Interpreter program is comprised of the following courses and takes approximately 12 weeks to complete: This program is for bilingual individuals who would like to interpret in a health care setting. Classes serve as an introduction to the role of the medical interpreter and basic medical terminology in Spanish for health care personnel. Emphasis is focused on systems of the body, legal and ethical topics, cultural awareness and vocabulary needed in a health care setting. According to the American Medical Translators, a medical translator or interpreter is a specially trained professional who has proficient knowledge and skills in a primary language or languages and who employs that training in medical or health-related settings to make possible communications among parties speaking different languages. The skills of a medical interpreter or translator include cultural sensitivity and awareness of and respect for all parties, as well as mastery of medical and colloquial terminology, which make possible conditions of mutual trust and accurate communication that lead to effective provision of medical health services.

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